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Scientific Recruitment

Zenopa recruitment specialises in recruiting skilled professionals into commercial based roles within the Scientific industry, across the Life Science, Diagnostics and Chemistry sectors. Working with leading companies throughout the UK, our specialist scientific team take the time to get to know your specific needs and requirements, and are on hand to offer you advice and support when filling a role.

Call the team on 01494 818 052 to find out more about how Zenopa can support you with your recruitment processes.

Roles we recruit for

Sectors we cover

Life Science

We cover different areas within Life Science, including:

- Molecular Biology
- Multi-omics (including Genomics)
- Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
- Microbiology
- Immunology
- Flow Cytometry
- Microscopy
- Imaging
- Liquid Handling
- Cell Biology


At Zenopa we cover a range of areas within Chemistry, including:

- Organic Chemistry
- Analytical Chemistry
- Chromatography
- Mass Spectrometry
- Chemicals
- Biochemistry
- Infrared
- Water Filtration
- Purification


We also cover various areas within Diagnostics, including:

- Clinical
- Healthcare
- In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
- Pathology
- Virology
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Microbiology
- Immunology
- Infectious Disease
- Autoimmune
- Histology
- Histopathology
- Haematology
- Haemostasis
- Clinical Chemistry
- Immunoassay

Our Services

We offer a variety of recruitment services which are adaptable to fit with your resourcing requirements.

Perm & Contract Executive Search Exclusive

Here to support you

Contact the Science team to explore our full range of services that best suit your needs and recruitment budget by calling us on +44 1494 818 027, send us a brief or email liam@zenopa.com

All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence

"Working with Zenopa has been a highly efficient and totally refreshing experience. We could not have asked for more of Zenopa - a genuinely impressive recruitment company!"

Clients we work with

Get in touch with our Science team

Nick Walker
Scientific Recruiter

01494 818 059
Libby Messitt
Scientific Recruiter

01494 818 018
James Higgins
Scientific Recruiter

Liam Whelan
Executive Recruiter

01494 818 027
Lis Basnett
Scientific Recruiter

Olivia Doughty
Scientific Recruiter

01494 818 013
Eddie Baxter
Scientific Recruiter

James Mawby
Science Recruiter

+44 1494 818 017
Harry Laxton
Scientific Recruiter

Toby Chapman
Scientific Recruiter

01494 818019
Eric Sharma
Scientific Recruiter

Kirstie Chatto
Scientific Recruiter

01484 818021
Bailey Osborne
Scientific Recruiter

Nick Walker
Scientific Recruiter

01494 818 059
Eric Sharma
Scientific Recruiter

Amy Pearce
Recruitment Team Leader

01494 818 052
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