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What and why is contracting within the Pharmaceutical Industry?
Interims and contracting (not directly employed positions), are in place:
- To create greater flexibility than that offered within positions referred to as permanent. This is because the employer has restrictions with directly employed positions.
- To enable talent to be recruited whilst there is no company approval for a headcount role
- To fulfill a fixed period or short term requirement
- To trial a project before it gains approval as a long term plan

The benefits of a Contract role include:
Financial Rewards :
- Contractors are generally paid more per hour or day than full time employers. This is dependent on the nature of the work and the need to be flexible.
- More flexibility for the contractor to negotiate conditions and pay.
Variety :
- Contractors can gain a wider breadth of experience and knowledge through working with multiple organisations
- Contractor skills are frequently in short supply, so frequently a contractor will have a choice of work.
Work Life Balance :
- Contractors in areas of short supply, frequently have the option of negotiating hours, days of work and location of work.
- You are your own boss, between contracts you can take breaks that suit you.
Skills and Knowledge :
- You are in control- you choose the skills you want to develop and how you do it
- Working with different businesses will allow you to develop your skill set and gain experience within the industries you work in.

Why might contracting be for you?
- You seek greater financial reward than a permanent role
- You seek more flexibility than a permanent role would offer
- You cannot commit to a permanent role
- Your experience is more appropriate to a contract role than permanent
- The role you want happens to be on a contract

Why might contracting not be for you?
- If your skills are in area of low demand, contracts could be infrequent, this would restrict your income.

Pharmaceutical Contracting Jobs include:
Pharmaceutical Sales · Marketing Executives · Market Research Roles · Hospital Specialists · Sales Executive Roles · Brand Managers · Marketing Managers · Market Intelligence Roles · Nurse Advisors · Key Account Managers · Sales Managers · Primary Care Roles · Secondary Care Roles · Market Access Roles (pre launch) · Office Training Roles · Field Training Roles · Sales Admin · Marketing Assistants · Human Resources · Operations Management · Office Management · Finance

Why choose Zenopa?
Zenopa success in delivery:
- In house, contracting department
- We liaise on your behalf- Required equipment, e.g. cars, laptops, mobiles, we negotiate with the employer source and manage these on your behalf.
- Our recruitment teams have built relationships with some of the UK’s most prestigious pharmaceutical companies
- Successful management of contractors, 94% of contractors complete their contract.
- Systems that work for you, as an ISO 9000 organisation we have fully defined systems that are regularly audited. You can be assured we consistently following processes that deliver for all.

The next step:
If you would like to find out more about current contracting roles we have available within the Pharmaceutical industry, please call the team on +44 (0) 1494 818 050, send us a message or email

All enquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence.

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Farmacéutico Empleos

  • Gerente de cuentas clave - Hematología

    * Zenopa Guía Salario

    Londres, sudeste

    TÍTULO DE TRABAJO: Gerente de cuentas clave - Hematología TERRITORIO: Londres / Sureste Actualmente estamos reclutando una cuenta clave: hematología para unirnos a una organización farmacéutica...

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Líder de Reuniones de Investigadores Virtuales

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £Speak to Alex

    Knutsford, Cheshire

    Líder de Reuniones de Investigadores Virtuales - Noroeste Actualmente estamos reclutando en nombre de nuestro cliente para un Líder de Reuniones de Investigadores Virtuales para unirse a su divisi...

    Detalles del trabajo
  • coordinador de eventos

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £35,000 - £42,000


    ¿Desea configurar y administrar eventos para una organización farmacéutica de rápido crecimiento? Este rol de Coordinador de eventos tendrá plena autonomía para gestionar eventos externos e inte...

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente de marketing de la UE

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £Speak to Alex


    Estamos reclutando para una compañía farmacéutica que cotiza en bolsa que desarrolla medicamentos innovadores para servicios ambulatorios y hospitalarios, de anestesia y cuidados críticos.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Asesor médico senior

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £75,000 - £95,000


    Propósito: Brindar apoyo médico interno y externo al ser un experto en productos, tendencias de tratamiento del paciente y actividades científicas dentro del área de la enfermedad.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente Regional de Cuentas del Hospital de Posgra

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    Talk to Alex ££

    Dorset, Devon y Cornwall

    Título: Gerente de Cuentas del Hospital de Graduados Ubicación: Suroeste (Dorset / Cornwall / Devon) Lo ideal es buscar candidatos que vivan en un parche pero que estén abiertos a candidatos que ...

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Asesor médico sénior (en el Reino Unido)

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £Speak with Alex

    Surrey / Field Based

    Actualmente estamos reclutando a un Asesor Médico Senior para que se una a uno de nuestros clientes farmacéuticos líderes.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Director de ventas

    * Zenopa Guía Salario

    Nacional (Reino Unido)

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente Senior, Relaciones Públicas

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £Speak with Alex

    Maidenhead, Berkshire

    Actualmente estamos reclutando para un gerente sénior de relaciones públicas para uno de nuestros clientes farmacéuticos.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente Médico Comercial

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £40,000 - £45,000


    Como Gerente Médico Comercial con experiencia, se centrará en desarrollar estrategias médicas para crear conciencia en la comunidad científica y médica del Reino Unido.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente de cuentas clave de urología

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £0 - 60000

    Devon y Cornwall

    TÍTULO DE TRABAJO: Gerente de cuentas clave - Urología TERRITORIO: Devon y Cornwall Actualmente estamos reclutando para una cuenta clave.

    Detalles del trabajo
  • Gerente de ventas de oncología

    * Zenopa Guía Salario
    £0 - 80000

    NO, NE, Escocia y NI

    TÍTULO DE TRABAJO: Gerente de ventas de oncología TERRITORIO: NW / NE / Scot / NI Propósito del puesto: Un rol de campo regional en el Reino Unido (Norte) que lidera y brinda apoyo de coaching c...

    Detalles del trabajo

Zenopa are currently undertaking 501 assignments and job searches.  Of these 277 are not in the public domain.  For details contact our specialist team.

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