Gama Healthcare launches new products

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Gama Healthcare has announced the launch of two new products in the early stages of 2013.

The research and development team at the organisation's Clinell division has created a new range of detergent wipes by combining the latest state-of-the-art technology with an "incredibly effective and environmentally-friendly formula".

At present, the vast majority of detergent products on the market are based with phosphate and oil, which results in residue and smearing being left behind after use, leading to water pollution and environmental damage.

However, the new patent pending Clinell Detergent Wipes are manufactured using glucoside and polyglucoside surfactants, which derive from sustainable and renewable plant sources such as sugar cane.

"The surfactant molecules have been tailor made and combined with other elements to give excellent cleaning powers and minimum smear," the company added.

Meanwhile, Gama Healthcare has also launched its CE marked CW200 for use in the UK market in a redesigned pack that features more comprehensive information about the product. 

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