Keeler launches Spectra Iris indirect ophthalmoscope

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Keeler is introducing a new indirect ophthalmoscope that has been optimised for versatile performance thanks to its compact, lightweight design.

The Spectra Iris indirect features an adjustable aperture slider that can be set anywhere between 20 mm and 60 mm to match pupil size, while its variable pupil distance settings provide further flexibility.

It incorporates an in-built homogenous LED light source allowing up to four hours of continuous use, as well as a number of easy storage and transportation options.

Other positive attributes include the fact that the entire optical unit and light pod can be flipped up when taking notes or making direct eye contact with a patient.

The manufacturer added: "The indirect system is supplied with Keeler's lightweight wraparound Sport Frames designed to ensure maximum comfort and balance; the indirect can also fit over the top of spectacles."

This latest product launch follows on from the introduction of the PSL One portable slit lamp earlier this year.

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