AstraZeneca launches Prostate Assistant mobile app

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AstraZeneca has announced the launch of Prostate Assistant, a new mobile app aimed at British prostate cancer patients.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and provides detailed information on prostate cancer, as well as tools to manage medical appointments, record notes and monitor their prostate-specific antigen levels.

It also includes facilities that allow users to instantly access essential direct emails from GPs and hospitals, helping them to contact relevant medical professionals with a minimum of fuss.

This is the first mobile application launched by AstraZeneca that is aimed at patients rather than doctors.

John Calleary, a consultant urologist at North Manchester General Hospital who advised AstraZeneca on the app's development, said: "Innovative healthcare technology is important as it provides patients with a private and flexible way of communicating that can enhance their interactions with healthcare professionals."

The company is responsible for producing Zoladex, an implant-based therapy for hormone-sensitive prostate and breast cancers.

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