Bristol-Myers Squibb and BAC to ally on Adnectin purification

Pharmaceutical Company Product News

Bristol-Myers Squibb has entered into a new partnership with biopharmaceutical sector manufacturer BAC BV pertaining to the routine purification of its Adnectin product offering.

Under the terms of the collaboration, BAC will generate CaptureSelect affinity ligands for applications in purifying and analysing Adnectins, a proprietary type of targeted biologic.

These compounds are engineered using Bristol-Myers Squibb's PROfusion technology and are capable of blocking or stimulating the action of specific targets in a number of therapeutic applications.

The high affinity and specificity of CaptureSelect ligands will help the drug manufacturer to achieve exceptionally pure products in a single step.

Laurens Sierkstra, chief executive officer of BAC, said: "We are delighted to collaborate with Bristol-Myers Squibb on the development of ligands for their Adnectin proteins. These custom ligands should simplify the purification process."

This comes after the firm allied with GNS Healthcare earlier this week on a project to develop new biomarkers for immuno-inflammation.

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