New government scheme to address personal assistant shortage

Medical Government/ NHS related news

The government is launching a new framework that will make it easier for people with disabilities to hire personal assistants.

Announced by the Department of Health this week, the scheme will aim to clarify the legalities associated with employment, support patients, safeguard the flexibility of the role and increase the number of assistants available.

It will encompass a new toolkit to help employers simplify job descriptions and interview processes, create a unified induction framework, utilise local authorities to assist in background checks and raise awareness of the profession as a career option.

Care services minister Paul Burstow said having more personal assistants will be better for patient care standards than local authority-commissioned services.

"Many company executives would describe their personal assistant as a life-saver, but for those who employ a personal assistant for their social care needs, they really do give them back their life," he said.

Last week, the Department of Health introduced a new clinical commissioning support pack designed to help improve dementia service standards.

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