Deltex Medical wins NICE recommendation for CardioQ-ODM

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Deltex Medical has earned a recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for its CardioQ-ODM oesophageal Doppler monitor.

The UK regulator has issued guidance that endorses the technology for use in major and high-risk surgery, with estimates suggesting that its widespread use could save the NHS 880 million pounds a year.

Deltex's device uses a disposable ultrasound probe placed in the oesophagus to measure blood flow in the central circulation, allowing clinicians to deliver fluid guided management in patient recovery.

This facilitates the post-surgical healing process and helps patients to leave hospital earlier and in a better condition, which also allows medical facilities to save money.

Ewan Phillips, Deltex's chief executive, said: "NICE's final guidance is a resounding endorsement for the CardioQ-ODM at a time when the NHS is charged with delivering 20 billion pounds of efficiency savings over the next three years."

The CardioQ-ODM was researched and designed at the firm's UK base and has been used to benefit more than 400,000 patients to date.

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