Takeda to participate in joint obesity research programme

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Takeda is entering into a collaborative research project aimed at discovering and evaluating the growing health risks posed by obesity.

The pharmaceutical company is to work with Florida Hospital and the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute to create a multi-disciplinary team with a research continuum extending from the laboratory stage to the point of care.

It will focus on the identification of obesity-related biomarkers and peripheral molecular targets of common interest, with laboratory assets and patient-based research both set to be employed.

The partners hope that the collaboration will yield insights into new personalised approaches to treating obesity, which has been identified as an increasingly prominent global health risk.

Dr Paul Chapman, general manager and head of the pharmaceutical research division at Takeda, said: "We view this collaboration as an opportunity to further Takeda's goal of identifying targets for new therapeutics to treat obesity and its negative health consequences, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease."

Last month, Takeda announced a new alliance with the not-for-profit biomedical research organisation Sage Bionetworks, focusing on central nervous system disease treatments.

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