Eppendorf launches two new refrigerated microcentrifuges

Scientific Company News

Eppendorf has announced the launch of two new refrigerated microcentrifuges for applications in molecular biology.

The science company has launched the 18-tube entry-level Centrifuge 5418 R and the more versatile Centrifuge 5424 R, two products which are designed to offer user-friendly and efficient operation.

Both new devices have been designed with the firm's principle for quiet operation in mind, offering "surprisingly low" noise levels even without the rotor lid, while their colour-coded interface systems provide ease of operation.

In addition, the centrifuges both come equipped with new FastTemp technology, providing quick pre-cooling performance, as well as offering a compact design and minimal footprint.

The manufacturer stated: "The overall design and operating concept for these products are based on in-depth ergonomic studies, making everyday routines faster and easier."

Earlier this year, Eppendorf launched the Multipette plus, a new manual handheld pipetting system with ergonomic benefits that help to minimise the risk of repetitive strain.

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