Software of Excellence 'will work with new government plans'

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Software of Excellence has stated that it will be looking to tailor its approach to accommodate the plans and intentions of the new coalition government.

The dental practice management software provider will maintain its working relationship with the Department of Health (DoH), despite government policy changes following the recent election, reports

These have included a pledge to scrap the planned Steele Pilots, a target and reward-based system of improving patient care.

Brian Weatherly, managing director at Software of Excellence, said health minister Andrew Lansley should reveal the government's plans for the sector quickly, but said the firm will work "hand-in-hand" with the DoH whatever the requirements.

He added: "We are committed to ensuring that via Exact, practices are able to manage their NHS claims, be these based on quantitative or qualitative measures or indeed a mixture of both."

This comes after Software of Excellence last month highlighted the benefits of its Thrive Programme, which allows practices to monitor and improve their efficiency and is being used by 60 practices across the UK.

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