Teva says ICS effective in large and small airway inflammation

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Teva's Inhaled Corticosteroid (ICS) therapy is effective in treating both large and small airway inflammation, it has asserted.

In a real life study, the pharmaceutical company followed over 4,000 sufferers of asthma in the UK for a year.

The investigation was designed to assess the effectiveness of Qvar (Beclomethasone HFA) and other ICS therapies.

Professor David Price, from the University of Aberdeen's Centre of Academic Care and leader of the study, explained the latter is considered the most effective anti-inflammatory therapy for persistent asthma.

However, many remedies are unable to reach the small airways, which could result in the breathing condition unable to be controlled, he noted, adding that Qvar works as it is able to distribute medication throughout the entire lung.

"This real life effectiveness study has the advantage of demonstrating the impact of various ICS therapies in real life patients, not study subjects," Professor Price commented.

He concluded there was no conflict between the two approaches as they both complemented each other.

Teva is due to present at the Cowen and Company 29th Annual healthcare Conference today.

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