Intervet part of "successful" seminar

Veterinary Supplier News

Intervet has been part of a seminar described as a resounding success by one of its presenters.

Held on November 1st, the inaugural Laminitis West seminar took place at the Monterey Convention Centre in California.

Veterinarian and seminar presenter Dr James Orsini said organisers were expecting around 100 attendees - but actual numbers exceeded this.

"[This] tells me that the topic is viewed as being very important to veterinarians, farriers and students, our future veterinarians, especially in a down economy."

Joining Mr Orsini on the stage were Dr Thomas Divers of Cornell University and farrier Patrick Reilly of the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr Orsini added people he spoke to after the event appeared to be "excited" by what they learned.

"The excellent turnout and enthusiastic attendees were just proof of how much we need a laminitis conference on the West Coast."

Laminitis, which affects the hooves of horses and cattle, is characterised by a range of symptoms including raised temperature of the wall, sole and coronary band of the foot, trembling, flared nostrils, sweating and a tendency for the animal to lie down.

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