Sanyo launches Live cell imaging system


Sanyo is currently working on the launch of its new InCu-View Live cell imaging system.

Based on its MCO-5M with an Olympus optical microscope, the InCu-View Live provides an "integrated solution for the culture, observation and time-lapse recording to embryos and cells in vitro".

During conventional cell culture and observation procedures samples are removed from incubators leaving the cells and embryos vulnerable.

According to Sanyo, the new system will overcome the adverse affects variations in temperature and other environmental factors can have during the culturing process by integrating the culture, observation and time-lapse recording of cells or embryos in one system.

This allows a controlled culture environment to be maintained – reducing the risk of contamination.

In addition, the integrated design removes the need to remove cell cultures or embryos from the incubator for observation, and all microscope operations are controlled remotely - minimising the number of door openings and the disturbance to samples.

Sanyo supplies and supports laboratory equipment such as laboratory incubators, CO2 incubators, cooled incubators, laboratory ovens, laboratory freezers (-40C freezers, -80C freezers and ultra low temperature freezers), laboratory refrigerators, Cryogenic freezers, liquid nitrogen storage tanks and plant growth chambers.

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