Chugai announces Mongolian search for microorganisms

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Chugai Pharmaceutical and the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (Nite) have announced the initiation this July of a search in Mongolia for new microorganisms and an assessment of their potential for use in a number of fields.

The company notes that the variations in temperature seen in Mongolia between mountains, salt lakes and coniferous forests are pronounced, with microorganisms present in this environment in possession of unique abilities to adapt.

Microorganisms found as part of this programme will be shipped to Japan and used in research and development efforts in the production of novel medical treatments.

The research programme is being conducted as part of a project based on agreements signed by Nite and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in June 2006.

"Based on the Convention of Biological Diversity, when the research results lead to patent registration or commercialisation, a part of the profits will be returned to Mongolia through Nite," Chugai reports.

The company adds that these profits will be returned to the country through the Mongolian government.

In March 2006, Chugai announced the signing of a deal with MP-Technopharma relating to the manufacturing of four prescription pharmaceuticals.

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