Radleys announces Tough-Tag literature


Laboratory equipment specialist Radleys has released new literature describing their Tough-Tags range of chemically inert polyester labels.

By visiting the company's download centre, interested parties are able to access PDFs that provide up-to-date information about Tough-Tag labels.

Tough-Tags are temperature-resistant from -196°C to +400°C, which enables them to withstand cryogenic temperatures, boiling water baths and autoclaving without cracking, peeling or falling off.

They are also completely resistant to caustic agents, organic solvents and other chemicals, the firm asserts.

"Available in a comprehensive range of styles and sizes, and adhering strongly to all common laboratory materials, there is a Tough-Tag label to suit almost every application," the firm stated.

Last month, Radleys published a new synthesis application bulletin providing details of a multi-scale synthesis workstation.

The workstation includes a stirring hotplate, closed-loop water chiller, plug-in synthesis modules and water and gas distribution manifolds.

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