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Attracting and recruiting executive talent into your company is crucial for organisational growth. As a specialist recruitment agency we understand that executive talent is valuable and scarce and the ‘war for talent’ shows no signs of abating; our 30-year heritage has earned us the respect, loyalty and often, exclusive candidature of dental sales and marketing executives within sectors.

Our specialist dental recruiters can work with you to identify and attract your future executive leaders, engaging them fully with your unique employee value proposition. We have successfully partnered with multinationals, nationals, and SMEs to source the right executive for various senior management roles including; CEOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, and COOs.


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We offer contingent and exclusive recruitment services, believing a flexible service offers the best approach to meet the very specific challenges of executive recruitment. We have established metrics on hiring, quality, fit and efficiency to ensure we present you with the specific executive talent for your unique role, with professionalism, transparency, and integrity at the heart of everything we do.

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"Zenopa, y en mi experiencia con Libby, han entregado con éxito a un candidato que cumplió con mi informe y se ha establecido en el papel y está dando resultados fantásticos."
"El año pasado trabajé con Libby dos veces en el reclutamiento para territorios vacantes. Lo primero que debo decir es que he contratado a 2 candidatos que Libby ha presentado."
"Zenopa es altamente profesional y exitoso en lo que hacen. A lo largo de todo el proceso de contratación."

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