A reputable 30 years of placing Marketers within the Consumer industry

Our experienced and professional recruiters have built up successful and long-term partnerships with industry-leading consumer companies around the UK, with over three decades of recruiting experience.

We have a proven track record of matching marketing candidates, on both a contractual and permanent basis, who are qualified for the job, within the consumer sector.

Talent Driven ▲ Culture Focused

We continually make sure that we match not only the best candidate for the job but also your company's culture.

Our 30-years of experience has earned us the respect, loyalty, and exclusive candidature of partnering with SMEs, nationals, and multinationals to hire the best marketer for the culture of their company, including Brand managers, Customer Marketing, Category Marketing, Trade Marketing, Marketing Assistants, Marketing Managers through to Marketing Directors.

UK Market Mapping of Consumidor Marketing


Marketing Assistant and Executive



Brand Manager



Trade Marketing



Category Marketing



Customer Marketing



Marketing Manager



Marketing Director


We represent your business authentically

Our specialist agency has established metrics on hiring, quality, fit, and efficiency to ensure we present you with specific marketing talent for your unique role, with professionalism, transparency, and integrity at the heart of everything we do.

Thus introducing new talent who create you long term value

We work in synergy with you

Our specialist consumer recruiters work with you to identify and attract your future marketing talent, engaging them fully with your unique employee value proposition.

Friendly support and advice

Our consultants are here to provide you with honest, professional advice throughout the entire process. We can provide you with accurate industry-based knowledge, including full mapping of the candidate, market and salary ranges to ensure you stay competitive with your competition.

Three decades of data. Powerful emotional intelligence.

Our artificial intelligence has continuously enabled us to collect data and provide you with a comprehensive list of candidates within the market for you to chose from.

To highlight how many people we have mapped in the UK for a specific role

That's why we lead the way!

"Tom, has been a great Recruitment Consultant for Merz over the last 6 months with two successful candidates hired through Zenopa. I like his tenacity and professionalism."

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