"The recruitment process was very easy with support from Zenopa"

What were you looking for when you were seeking a new role?

"I was looking to relocate back closer to home having had to move for my husbands job." 

What benefits have you had since securing your role?

"Since securing my role I have been able to move back home and see friends and family a lot more often. We have also been able to secure a mortgage on a house which we are likely to stay in for decades to come. "

How did you find the recruitment process?

"Recruitment process was very easy with support from Zenopa along the way. I had an interview within a few days and a job offer within an hour of the interview." 

How has your work/life balance improved?

"Work life balance has changed for the better. I am able to nip out for appointments if I have to rather than the rigidity of an office job."

How did you find the service provided to you by Zenopa?

"Service from zenopa was excellent. Job offer came through quickly to match my requirements."