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Marketing Degree Aprenticeship Buckinghamshire

Zenopa has been hiring marketing degree apprentices as part of their apprenticeship programme since 2019. To join Zenopa's Marketing Degree Apprenticeship in Buckinghamshire, contact max@zenopa.com.

Our Buckinghamshire based marketing degree apprenticeship is a work-based learning program that combines on-the-job training with formal education, leading to a marketing degree qualification. This type of apprenticeship is designed to provide individuals with both practical work experience and academic knowledge in the field of marketing. Here are some key points to understand about Zenopa’s marketing degree apprenticeships:

“Join Zenopa's Marketing Degree Apprenticeship in Buckinghamshire, contact max@zenopa.com“

Structure: Our marketing degree apprenticeships typically involve a combination of working In the office 4 days a week (home working options after 12 months) and attending university or college to study for a marketing-related degree. The program is structured to balance classroom learning with real-world application.

Duration: The duration of the Zenopa marketing degree apprenticeship can vary but is three to four years, depending on the specific university we choose to partner with. Upon completing the degree, there are options to stay on at the company and progress within your current role or be supported in seeking a new opportunity elsewhere.

Employment: Marketing apprentices are employed by Zenopa while they complete their degree apprenticeship. This means they earn a starting salary of £20,000 while gaining work experience. By the time you have graduated, you have potential to be earning over £30,000.

Academic Study: Apprentices will study marketing-related subjects as part of their degree program. The curriculum may include courses on marketing principles, digital marketing, consumer behavior, market research, advertising, and more.

Work Experience: The apprenticeship component involves working in a marketing role within the organization in our dedicated marketing team. This hands-on experience allows apprentices to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to real-world marketing projects and tasks.

Mentorship and Support: Zenopa apprenticeships will always include mentorship and guidance from more experienced marketing professionals within the company. This support helps apprentices develop practical skills and gain insights into the industry.

Assessment: The university side of the apprenticeship typically involves some form of assessment to evaluate both the academic and practical aspects of the program. Assessment methods may include exams or assignments. The work experience side entails annual reviews and evaluations of job performance.

Qualification: Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices receive a marketing degree or a related qualification, which can significantly enhance their career prospects in the marketing field.

Marketing degree apprenticeships are a valuable pathway for individuals who want to pursue a career in marketing while obtaining a formal degree. They offer a unique blend of education and practical experience that can make graduates highly competitive in the job market. If you're looking for a degree apprenticeship in Buckinghamshire, contact us today to discuss your marketing apprenticeship options at Zenopa!

email: max@zenopa.com

Our Marketing Degree Apprenticeships are based in Buckinghamshire: high wycombe, great missenden, gerrards cross, wenodver, holmer green, marlow, beaconsfield, aylesbury, slough, maidenhead, amersham, flackwell heath, wooburn green, lane end, little chalfont

Aprendiz de Licenciatura en Mercadotecnia

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Buckinghamshire, Alto Wycombe

Estamos buscando un profesional creativo para unirse al equipo como aprendiz de marketing. Para los graduados de la escuela ambiciosos, un aprendizaje de Zenopa es un gran primer paso en su carrera.

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