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Current heavy hitters in the clinical micro-market

Recently, I posted about the current heavy hitters in the clinical micro market - but who’s next up?

Endless innovation generally from the US is progressing into our U.K. / European Market, in the past year, we have seen T2 Biosystems enter a partnership with Werfen.

“Current heavy hitters in the clinical micro-market.“

Below are some great examples of growing organisations based out of the US we could see one day enter the global marketplace.

- Pattern Bioscience led by Nicolas Arab and Ross Johnson has developed an excellent ‘Digital Culture™️' product that delivers ID and AST Results in unision within four hours.

- Day Zero Diagnostics, Inc have created a new way of diagnosing infectious disease tests using sequencing and computerised learning to combat antibiotic-resistant infectious.

In case you missed the previous blog, here are some of the other major players:

- Bruker • Microbiology & Diagnostics

- bioMérieux

- Hologic, Inc.

- Cepheid

- BD


On a recruitment front, microbiology is a forever growing area with excellent innovation that arises YOY, if you are seeking a sales, application or marketing position for an organisation continuously offering market disruptive technology please do reach out to James Higgins.

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