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Strike the Right Balance With Your Appearance for Your Next Interview

Freelance writer Jocasta Morrison is back with useful tips on how to ensure you make a good impression when interviewing for a new job... 

"When interviewing for a new job, the #1 thing that potential employers notice first is your appearance. Even though an individual’s dress and looks shouldn’t matter in most situations, how a person presents him or herself in an interview speaks volumes. From inappropriate clothing to the use of too much perfume, there are certain appearance-related issues that one should always avoid. However, with so many rules about how you should and shouldn’t look for an interview, how can you still convey your personality to interviewers? Explore three strategies for striking the right balance with your appearance. 

“Freelance writer Jocasta Morrison is back with useful tips on how to ensure you make a good impression when interviewing for a new job... “

Cosmetics and hygiene

The use of cosmetics and personal hygiene products can either be a friend or foe prior to and during and interview. Among professionals in the industry, showering, brushing your teeth, and appearing put together are of top importance when evaluating potential new employees. In addition to practising proper hygiene, the appropriate use of cosmetics is also a must. Even though it is wise to steer clear of over-the-top colours, glitters, and the like, there are many professional ways to enhance and express your style. One appropriate and elegant way to use cosmetics is to create blended facial contours. Contouring one’s face with the appropriate cosmetics not only looks professional and polished, but it can deliver a boost of confidence. When you feel that you look good overall, your self-esteem receives an important boost, which can be helpful during your interview. In addition to this, also feel free to use a light amount of your favourite fragrance, tasteful eyeshadows that are in your favorite shade, and a lip colour that you enjoy.

Choosing a professional outfit that shows your personality

The days of always wearing a suit to an interview are gone. While there are organisations in which it is still necessary to wear a suit to an interview, there are many more where this is not appropriate. In fact, when suits are not part of the company culture, showing up in one at an interview can harm your chances of scoring the job. Whether your research of the company reveals that you should or should not wear a suit, you can subtly express your personality in both cases. Feel free to choose the colours and professional style that most match your personal style. Although it is recommended that you stay away from bold, distracting prints (e.g. animal prints), pick an outfit that is as consistent with how you normally dress as possible.

Accessorising with jewellery

The use of jewellery must also be balanced to fit one’s personality, yet remain industry appropriate. In almost every situation, classic styles of jewelry (e.g. diamond rings, stud earrings) are safe to wear. However, if your style of jewellery is a bit more bold, first decide if what you wear on a regular basis is appropriate for the interview. Also ensure that all pieces match with your chosen interview outfit. When making your final selections, remember that any jewellery that you wear could serve as a distraction, and disrupt your message. Ensure that all pieces you choose to wear convey the message that you want them to.

The bottom line? Strive for as much of a balance between your personal style and the company’s culture as possible. Even though it is important to express who you are, the purpose of an interview is to show off your skills, experiences, and ideas. Make it your goal to have your personal appearance complement (rather than distract from) that message."

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