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5 benefits of offering flexible and remote working in your business

CV Library's Augusta Henning is back as a guest writer for us, explaining the benefits of employeers offering their employees flexible working:  

"In today’s modern workplace, flexible working has quickly become a new norm. While met with cautious from some employers, others are recognising the benefits of offering flexible and remote working, especially in terms of productivity, retention and attraction.

“5 benefits of offering flexible and remote working in your business“

If you’re yet to start offering these working patterns in your company, then don’t panic. A lot of companies are still unsure about whether they should offer flexible and remote working or not.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together five of the key benefits of doing so, to help you consider how it can work in your business.

1.      Higher productivity

While some employers have concerns around whether ‘working from home’ actually involves ‘working’, many professionals cite that they’re actually more productive when they’re away from the office or working flexible hours.

As there are fewer distractions at home, employees are able to work at maximum output, even catching up on work that they may be behind on. With flexible working hours, professionals know that they need to get their work done in a set amount of time and may be more productive as a result.

With this in mind, it’s important for businesses to build a sense of trust with their employees and consider the benefits of offering flexible working.

2.      Happier employees

Work-life balance is extremely important to today’s professionals. Especially given that a reported one in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace.

As an employer, it’s important that you help to promote a strong-work life balance and support your employees through stressful times.

A great way to help your teams to achieve such balance is by offering flexible working and encouraging employees to work from home when needed. After all, a colleague that’s particularly stressed or heading towards burn out may benefit from leaving early to attend a yoga class, or from having a lie in and working from home.

3.      Reduced staff turnover

In turn, happier employees are more likely to stay with your business for the long haul, especially if you’re open to offering flexible working.

Nowadays, it’s not all about the money for UK workers. In fact, research from Powwownow found that three-quarters of employees favour a job that gives them the option of flexible work schedules.

Understanding what your employees want and need from the world of work and tailoring your offering to support this is crucial if you want to retain the very best employees.

4.      Attract more candidates

As well as retaining existing members of staff, offering flexible working and the opportunity to work from home can contribute massively to your candidate attraction efforts.

In today’s market, where candidates hold more power than ever before, considering what you can do to attract more workers to your business is crucial.

As mentioned above, working patterns are a huge part of this and are important to candidates when considering job offers.

During your recruitment process, make sure you find out more about candidates’ current packages and whether they have the option to work flexibly or remotely. This may be something they’ll factor in when considering your job offer.

5.      Environmental benefits

Finally, it goes without saying that there are a number of environmental benefits to flexible working and allowing employees to work from home. That includes reduced fuel consumption and air pollution, as well as lower electricity costs and resources within the office.

While some of the other points mentioned above, such as reducing staff turnover and improving productivity, are clear front-runners in the benefits of offering flexible working, you can rest assured that your business is doing its bit for the environment too.

Thinking about offering flexible working in your business?

If you’re thinking about offering flexible and remote working in your business, it’s important to consider how it’s going to work, what rules need to be set in place and whether you have the right technology to enable employees to work from anywhere, at any time.

Clearly, there are many benefits to flexible and remote working, especially in terms of improving productivity, keeping employees happy and attracting and retaining new employees. Many employers across the UK are already adopting it, so why not get started today?"

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