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Zenopa supports 'Inspiring Sciences' campaign at local Secondary School.

Beaconsfield High School have launched an ‘Inspiring Sciences' campaign’in response to the government noticing there is a significant gap in the number of women working within STEM Fields as a career choice. The school have been calling out for parents, friends, and local businesses to get involved by purchasing an element from the periodic table, and Zenopa snapped at the chance to be part of it.

"Being asked to sponsor an element on the periodic table certainly grabbed our attention" comments Managing Director Mark Denton “it is a shame to see careers within the scientific division becoming top heavy with one gender, and we are delighted to be a part of a campaign the can nurture and show young women the opportunities available to both genders within the industry."

“Zenopa sponsors ZN element on the periodic table in support of 'Inspiring Sciences' campaign at Beaconsfield High School. “

Sponsorship from the campaign has been invested back in to Beaconsfield High’s new science block. This inspiring learning environment will consist of three new science laboratories, each offering the latest equipment and facilities for the advanced study of biology, chemistry and physics, with a further laboratory built dedicated to A-Level Learning. As the largest of the labs, this has been designed with curved stations facing into a central teaching area to allow for interactive learning, and glassed boards and breakout areas feature for more focused forums and learning student groups.

Building of the new science block is almost complete where all sponsors have been invited to a royal opening of the block in May with her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.  A tour will be given of the block so all sponsors will be able to see what their support will be doing in inspiring students into the field of science.

About Zenopa

Established in 1991, Zenopa is a High Wycombe and Leeds based recruitment company with UK and European wide coverage, which has demonstrated fantastic growth over the last 10 years. We invest in the future, and are on the lookout for suitable A-level and graduates to join our ever expanding team, where success and making a difference is recognised and rewarded. If you are thinking about your career after you graduate or leave school, and would like to find out more about the opportunities we have available, please contact Angela Robertson on +44 (0)1494 818 044 or email angela@zenopa.com.

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