Keeler launches PSL One portable slit lamp

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Keeler has announced the launch of a new portable slit lamp (PSL) device that offers cost-effectiveness benefits and strong performance.

The PSL One lamp joins Keeler's existing Classic PSL in its product range and provides a standard magnification rate of 10x, as well as a lightweight and durable design.

This makes it ideal for use among paediatric, elderly and disabled patients in on or off-site clinics, while its precision-machined aluminium chassis provides a sturdy build that allows it to withstand the stresses of travel.

Other advantages of PSL One include the red-free, blue and neutral density filters that come as standard, plus its anterior chamber flare, which aids the diagnosis of uveitis.

The manufacturer said: "Keeler's Classic PSL and PSL One are high-performance, British-designed and manufactured instruments."

Last month, the company announced the appointment of Keith Watson as its new sales and marketing director, joining Keeler from its sister company Hanovia.

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